by Joel Gross

Jan. 29 to Feb. 16, 2014

Ambitious and cynical Elisabeth has landed a commission that will raise her to new heights of society. She is to paint a portrait of the much reviled Queen of France and with the aid of her politically minded lover, Elisabeth will manipulate her relationship with the young and naïve monarch to her own advantage. But capturing the queen's image on canvas allows the painter a glimpse of her subject's soul and what started as crass exploitation becomes something much more sincere and vastly deeper and inescapably doomed.

"Irreverent in his creation of a footnote to the French Revolution concerning lost hearts and lost heads... vivid characterizations... amusing... wrenching."
~ UPI.


Cast & Production Staff


Marie Antoinette
Nicola Elbro

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Elizabeth Louise Vigee Le Brun
Alana Hawley


Count Alexis de Ligne
Frank Zotter


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John Hudson

C.M. Zuby

Brian Bast

Lights and Production Manager
David Smith

Dave Clarke

Stage Manager
Betty Hushlak

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