Fundraising Opportunities

Use Shadow Theatre to fundraise for your organization.

Many organizations use our productions as their fundraisers.

How does it work?

Your group or charity can buy the house on a Wednesday or Thursday night at a reduced rate per ticket ($15). Then your organization turns around and sells those tickets to your supporters at $30, for example (and you get to keep the $15 on each ticket sold).

It is an easy way for you to raise funds without a lot of time or effort on your part. Our theatre has 200 seats, so if you can sell them all, that means you have raised $3000 and we have provided the venue and the entertainment.  We welcome and encourage you to combine other fundraising efforts with the show (Silent Auctions, raffles, etc.).

For more information or to book a date please call 780-434-5564.


Shadow Theatre has been an annual theatre night event for The Angels Anonymous Connection for the past 13 years.  John Hudson and his crew’s assistance to us has been invaluable from suggestions about the set-up of our various displays to allowing us to have a barbeque prior to the start of the play.   We have had a terrific response to this event, with not only revenue being raised but it is also a great publicity generating avenue that allows us to get our name out to the public.
 It was an absolute delight last year to see the renovations of this historic theatre and the play was incredible.  We plan to continue with this annual event for many years to come.

Wendy Grahl

Executive Director/Founder

Angels Anonymous