In an effort to improve the experience for everyone
We've made some updates to our booking process!


You should have already received an email from us with
"Shadow Theatre 2018/2019 Season"
in the subject line

Within this email you'll find a link titled
"Manage Schedule"
This is your very own private link that will allow you to manage your reservations for the season
So feel free to bookmark it for easy access down the road!

If you're having trouble finding the email you can follow the link below to have it resent to you.

We're excited about this new system, and hope you are too!

Some exciting features include:

  • The ability to book, cancel or change reservations instantly at any time
  • convenient e-tickets emailed to you which you can use to skip the box office
  • A printable schedule for all your reservations
  • The ability to export your schedule to your favourite calendar app
  • The ability to give access to people on your subscription to manage their own tickets


If you're still having difficulty with the system, send us an email at shadowtheatre@interbaun.com or call us at (780) 434-5564 and we'll do our best to help you out!