• Our 2013-2014 Season

    Art and its profound effects on life are the themes of the new Shadow Theatre season.

    Whether it's the two women dealing with a disconcerting exhibition of female nudes, the intrigue of a social climbing painter in the court of Louis XVI, an aging actress trying to conquer one of the theatre's most challenging roles with the aid of a conflicted teen-ager, or a second rate producer scrambling to put together the play that could make his career, each play passionately portrays the power of Art through the art of theatre.

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  • Body Awareness

    by Annie Baker

    Nov. 6 to 24, 2013

    Phyllis and Joyce enjoy a loving relationship while maintaining a comfortable household with Joyce's son (who may or may not
    have Asperger's). But when a celebrated photographer becomes their houseguest his controversial exhibition of female models repels Phyllis and while intriguing Joyce, drives a wedge into the love that defines their lives. A witty and moving domestic comedy of image, ideology and intimacy.

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  • Marie Antoinette: The Color of Flesh

    by Joel Gross

    Jan. 29 to Feb. 16, 2014

    Ambitious and cynical Elisabeth has landed a commission that will raise her to new heights of society. She is to paint a portrait of the much reviled Queen of France and with the aid of her politically minded lover, Elisabeth will manipulate her relationship with the young and naïve monarch to her own advantage. But capturing the queen's image on canvas allows the painter a glimpse of her subject's soul and what started as crass exploitation becomes something much more sincere and vastly deeper and inescapably doomed.

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  • Queen Lear

    by Eugene Stickland

    March 12 to 30, 2014

    An aging theatre actress recruits the assistance of an unruly teenage girl in a last ditch attempt to memorize her lines for an all female production of King Lear. One woman fears the slow erosion of her talents and starts questioning her own value as an artist, while the other struggles with the loss of her mother and a desperate desire for independence. It is a comic and poignant struggle for individual independence and desperate comradeship.

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  • Mistakes Were Made

    by Craig Wright

    April 30 to May 18, 2014

    Off-Broadway producer Felix Artifex has landed the chance of a lifetime. He's won the rights to stage a gargantuan epic about the French Revolution. And he has one night to make it all work. Welcome to a world of demanding actors, volatile playwrights, pretentious directors, desperate deadlines and disappointing coffee. Welcome to the chaos and absurdity that is the life of a minor league theatre producer. Welcome to the most hellish and hilarious night in the life of Felix Artifex.

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Home Away From Home


SEQUENCE by Arun Lakra (Oct. 29 to Nov. 16, 2014)

Directed by John Hudson

A professor whose life's work has been to pinpoint the source of the genetic disease that has made her legally blind receives a night time visit from an exceptionally unlucky student. Desperately needing a lucky turn of her own, a pregnant young woman confronts an author who has received fame and fortune by successfully predicting the coin toss at the Super Bowl...nineteen years in a row. These two stories spiral together and become increasingly intertwined as belief systems clash and ideas mutate into a dizzying conclusion. Sequence is a stunning new work that hurtles into questions of science, luck and faith.

Winner of the 2011 Alberta Playwriting Competition

CIRCLE MIRROR TRANSFORMATION by Annie Baker (Jan. 14 to Feb. 1, 2015)

Alberta premiere

Directed by John Hudson

Four lost New Englanders enroll in Marty's six-week-long community-center drama class. But within the harmless theatre games, hearts are quietly torn apart, and tiny wars of epic proportions are waged and won. It's a beautifully crafted diorama, in which we see with hilarious detail and clarity the antic sadness of a motley quintet. Circle Mirror Transformation captures the subtle changes in each of our lives that lead to complete metamorphosis.

"...an absolute feast." N.Y.T.

FIRST TIME/LAST TIME by Scott Sharplin (March 11 – 29, 2015)

A World Premiere

Directed by John Hudson

Ben and Airlea have nothing in common except a mutual attraction, but the stars align to bring them together. The last thing they want is commitment and so they embark on a relationship of first dates and last loves, heartbreaks and soul mates...a one night stand that lasts a lifetime. A young couple who grow up to discover there's no rulebook for romance

BECOMING SHARP by David Belke (April 29 to May 17, 2015)

Directed by John Hudson

David Belke's comic thriller about three ambitious women consumed by a battle of wits and literary identity. Recruited as the ghostwriter for the author of the world's most famous mystery series, Judy Parker thinks she's won the chance of a lifetime. But secrets and conspiracies surround her and becoming the writer she dreams to be might cost her everything she is. A compelling drama of writing and rewriting who you are.

"It's nice to walk into a show, confident that you're about to be entertained by a master."
Edmonton Journal

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